Croatia, Summer 2004 | Renata Poljak


Croatia, Summer 2004
Series of photographs, 2004/5

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…These reflections are brought to life through a 17-minute film entitled Great Expectations, which was made according to the artist’s own screenplay, and based on a series of photographs gathered together under the mutual title “Croatia, Summer 2004”.

The author notes ten years of observing architectural arrogance: “I noticed how following the war violence, a new type of mentality was born. Violence, once ‘justified’ during the war, took on a new form in architecture. A mentality saturated with tourism, greed, unscrupulousness and denial of all tradition is the continuation of the violence and reflection of the new taste that has appeared in post-war Croatia, and which is directly mirrored in the houses of the newly rich.”

“Through the prism of her own family’s story, Renata Poljak warns of the creation of a new morality that is becoming collectively accepted…”