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No Title (Blue)
Multimedia project, 2010

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That early evening around six o’clock of late February 2000, I was sitting behind the lighthouse with an acquaintance of mine on the top of the jetty. In that particular moment, on that particular spot I saw that particular blue, one known under the vague, abstract title of blue azzuro.

In my early years having grown up on the seaside, gazing into the Mediterranean colors and being trained as a painter, I voraciously consumed blue as a subjective palette color and arrogantly considered myself almost an expert on hues of blue.

But never before, to my surprise, had I seen the “right” blue azzuro in nature.

At that exact moment in time, on that jetty (la jetée), in Nice, France, the right amount of light and miles that separated our gaze facing the island of Corsica converged to create the “blue azzuro”. At that particular moment, in that particular spot, I believe something else happened as well. And that acquaintance of mine became my partner for a few following years.

FOR A LONG TIME NOW, in life and in art, I have been on a pilgrimage for a deeper meaning in the process of a search that has taken me through different cities, projects, counties, partners, sensations … And I don’t know what exactly I am chasing and waiting for, if not for love and that particular occasion when the blue can become the blue azzuro, and one believes it is the truth, … for at least just a moment.<

The project is composed of 4 autonomous parts:

– Printed matter (two side sort of dépliant poster, on one side image, on the other side the short text) to be send by regular mail and / or take aways.

– “Autoportrait” photograph 40 x 60 cm

– “No Title (Blue)” photograph 120 x 150 cm

-“No Title (Blue)” video work, 5′ loop