Terra Incognita | Renata Poljak
Terra Incognita
Project, 2018

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Photo collages, wall text and plan of the boat Vis form a project Terra Incognita. This project also includes a video work Yet Another Departure that exists as a single channel video and three channel video installation.

Each of this element stands by itself but together they form unity that comes in a form of solo show.


TERRA INCOGNITA is a Latin term used in ancient cartography to indicate the existence of unexplored

lands and territories. What will there be, in the future, with the ship Vis and the Brioni Islands, as places

where a utopia was created? Will they turn into a terra incognita of a history that is being rewritten?

If we imagine the future, knowing that the past is always repeated, again we will arrive at the age of a collective utopia; the ideas of self-management and the non-aligned movement will take some other forms but will stay the similar in ideas.

The positions of woman and the islands, as well as of those who believe in utopia, will remain on the margins.

In the future, when they find these photographs that link a woman in a landscape with a technical drawing of a sunken ship and nautical signs of an exact geographic location, they will be able to think that they have found solid artefacts about an era or a territory. This will teach them nothing, it will not stop wars, the oppression of people will not cease, freedom of thought and speech will not yet be completely effective, but some of them, those a little more humanistically oriented, will, with the certainty that only emotions can provide, claim that this was a happy era, in its idea.