Dont Tourn Your Back on Me | Renata Poljak
Dont Tourn Your Back on Me
Photo collages, work in progress

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…While utilizing all of these Neo-Baroque attributes, it seems logical that Renata Poljak also quoted Caravaggio – one of the greatest masters of Baroque painting. While she was preparing Partenza project, Renata, in her own words, rediscovered painting and art history. The two photo collages titled Don’t Turn Your Back on Me hold clear references to Caravaggio, more precisely, to his work Madonna with Child and St. Anna.

The works paraphrase Renata’s preoccupations by not speaking through metaphors but through direct narration. They embody the artist’s interest in permanent interference of time and space, estrangement, anticipation and hope.

… Today’s people depicted by Renata’s collages, by turning towards the past, hope that humanity and individuality will not desert us for good.

— Don’t Turn Your Back on Me by Mladen Lucic