Yet Another Departure film | Renata Poljak
Yet Another Departure film
film 11', 2018

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In 2016 the flagship of the ex-Yugoslav navy was deliberately sunk in order to become an attraction for scuba divers in Croatia. The ship lies close to Brijuni islands where in 1956 Nasser, Nehru and Tito met to discuss their opposition to the Cold War which led to the Nonaligned Movement.

Oberhausen International Short Film Festival (13/5-18/5/2019)
Sarajevo Film Festival (16/8-23/8/2019)
25FPS Festival (26/9-29/9/2019)
Festival of Different & Experimental Cinemas, Paris (2/10-13/10/2019)
Videomedeja International Video Festival (10/10-12/10/2019)
Alternative Film/Video (11/12-15/12/2019)
Experiments in Cinema Festival, Albuquerque (14/4-18/4/2020)
Filmfest Dresden (21/4-26/4/2020)